We are dedicated to the development of digital products and all services that go with it. Our philosophy is not to just push our products, but building products that we hope will make your life a little easier. We like to build highly functional products that are pragmatic and solve real problems for real users.

Professional Web Design, UX

We like making things that people use. Therefore design and user experience play a big role in our products. We focus on providing the best user experience possible. The majority of this type of work is web related. Why? Because the web is the most mature and common digital product platform in existence.


The digital world gets more sophisticated and it’s easy to get lost. We can advise you on how to use this technology to improve your business or organization. We strive to continually create innovative, digital products that transform the way people work, learn and communicate.

From A to Z

Software is only as successful as its implementation. Vector 4 takes a holistic approach to building software. We do not only care about building great software we like to advice and help succesfully implement software in your business.

Specialized in Healthcare

Our core-product is Esitas. It’s hard to capture what Esitas is in a single line. However if we were to try describe Esitas we would say: Esitas is an Electronic Health Record solution aimed to improve collaboration and reduce the administrative workload for people in Dutch healthcare.

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